T-Shirt Business: How One Ugly T-Shirt Made 1.2 Million

Before I launch into the good stuff here, I’d like to briefly introduce myself.

I’m a web designer.

I run a business selling “ugly looking” t-shirts online during my free time.

Those ugly looking shirts make me quite a bit of money.

I keep on updating my earnings on the video on this page, you may take a peek at it to check out my latest earning.


People ask me: Is selling t-shirts a sustainable business model?

My answer: Yes, it’s definitely a sustainable business.

The reason selling t-shirts is a sustainable business is simple:

When you’re rolling out each shirt, you’re actually building assets.

That means, the work you do today can benefit you today, tomorrow, and for months and years to come…

To show you that there is real money to be made using Teespring, instead of showing you my own numbers, which you might say I made up, I’m showing you what someone else has done.

Before I explain further, stop and take the time to watch the short video clip below.

In the video clip, you’ll see one of the t-shirts being sold on Teespring that has sold more than 60,000 times.

Yes, this shirt alone has sold more than 60,000 times…




I made a short video clip instead of taking an image screenshot to prove that this is a real live campaign that’s still running, not something that’s been Photoshopped.

The sales number was not achieved in one launch though.

This shirt has been launched multiple times.

Teespring shows the total number of shirts sold since day 1 of the campaign launch. I’ve been monitoring this campaign for the past 2 years.

That means, this campaign was launched 2 years back and is still making the seller money today.


This is what I call building an asset

So far, the campaign I showed you has netted around $1.2million.

I did the math: 62,436 shirts sold at $19.95 each.

The Teespring pay out = $1,245,595 revenue.

More than 1.2 million!

Generally, after deducting Facebook advertising costs, marketers net around 50% of the gross revenue.

This one design has netted the vendor $600,000 to date, and is still running!

Imagine if you had a couple of these running.

This is what I call building “assets”.

Do it once, and harvest money forever 😉

My t-shirt business is loaded with assets (t-shirts) that allow me to make money while I’m doing other things.


How do you start building these assets?

t-shirt business

Here is my sure-fire 4 step process you can use to start building your own t-shirt business:


Create a T-shirt Design on Teespring.

The first step is very simple.

You create a free account on Teespring.com.

Create a t-shirt campaign.

You can design your shirt using their interface, or outsource it to a designer.


Create Facebook Page.

Set up a Facebook page, advertise your t-shirt design there.


Buy Facebook Ads.

Buy ads on Facebook, the world’s favorite social networking platform.

Facebook ads allow us to reach people based on their interests and hobbies. Drive FB traffic to buy shirts from the FB page you set up in step 2.

Create a Facebook Page-Post-Engagement (PPE) ad campaign.

Create multiple ad sets under the campaign so that each ad targets a specific audience demographic.

Run the campaign at a cost of $5 for each ad set.

If you have 10 ad sets, that will be $5×10 = $50 per campaign.

Now run the campaign for 24 hours.

What we’re doing here is breaking down the audience into small chunks to understand which ads make the most sales for different demographics.

Once you’ve gathered some data, you can prune your ad sets and scale those that give you the best Return on Investment (ROI), the best reward.


Review, Kill and Scale.

Once you’ve run your campaign for 24 hours, run your Facebook ad report.

Facebook runs its ad metrics system in real time, but you need at least 24 hours to see a trend.

Analyze the essential metrics for your campaign; kill those ad sets which don’t meet your minimum response requirements.

Once done, you’ve pinpointed those ad sets that are performing well and driving your profits.

Scale, ramp up those ads only so you know your t-shirts will be selling night and day.

All Positive ROI from there…

Once you’ve performed this last step, you should have a healthy, profitable campaign chugging along while you’re off shopping at your favorite stores, or – creating another campaign.

That gives you an overview of how I drive traffic from Facebook and build my t-shirt business using Teespring as my fulfilment company.

When you have the right system in place, you can build it once, and use it forever.

And that means, the work you do today can benefit you today, tomorrow, and for months and years to come…

These are my real secrets: I limit membership to just 200 lucky peeps.


Build systems that attract prospects and turn them into customers

Most online marketers don’t have a clue about how to build assets that can make them long term income.

Especially the email marketers who do nothing more than pitch every new product to your inbox.

They just do JV deals with other marketers until their list dries out; that’s their whole business model.

It might work to make some quick money, but that’s not a sustainable long term model that’s based on building assets.

Learn how to go out and buy traffic the right way, using products and ads that attract prospects and turns them into customers.


Because when you get to the point where you spend a $1 and make $2, $3, or $10 back, you have a “cash machine”.

If you want to make a lot more money all you have to do is spend a little more.

Spend a little to make a lot.

Doesn’t that make sense?

If you enjoyed the information I shared with you and are serious about building a solid t-shirt business, join my exclusive membership while the slots are still available.

I limit membership to just 200 people.

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