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We have a sales funnel that will convert all the way through:

Here is the sales page:

1. I experience great EPC with my internal promotion (EPC of $4.12).

2. Front end offers convert at around 7%, combined.

3. Upsell converts at around 56%, combined.


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This sales funnel compliments the front end offers all the way through

Front ends: course + niche reports

These Sell For $39-$79. You Receive 50% Commission

I know that one of the most IMPORTANT elements of any funnel is making sure that the front end is converting as high as possible!

That’s why I have worked to make this an easy conversion for you.

My sales page doesn’t look like the typical “sales page”.

It’s a step-by-step case study where I show people the steps I took to make money selling t-shirts on Teespring.

I offer a lot of value upfront before asking for the sale.

Not only that, I have video income proof to back me up (most sales pages lack this).

High conversion becomes a natural thing.

My front end offers convert at around 7%, combined.

You send 1000 hits, some convert at $39, and some at $49 or $79.

No matter which option people take, 7% of your traffic will convert.



Premium Niche Reports Continuity: This Sell For $39/month.

You Receive 50% Recurring Commission

This is the ULTIMATE NO-BRAINER upsell! These premium niche reports are unlike the niche reports offered on the front end.

These are the PREMIUM version. They’re about fatter niches; Teespring campaigns in these niches almost always sell 2-5 times more than regular niches.

This upsell converts at 56% for me.



Premium Niche Reports Continuity: This Sell For $19/month.

You Receive 50% Recurring Commission.


This funnel will convert like crazy for you!

Why do I know? Simply because I’ve already tested it with my own list.

Here’s proof:

(Note: These were tested on Zaxaa. Thanks to strong demand, I’ve moved to JVZoo platform.)

This is a great product with video income proof plus tons of value given away for free on the sales page itself.

My small list made me about $3000 just by sending out 2 Aweber broadcasts. That’s excluding recurring income.

If you have a list of 10,000 subscribers or bigger, there is no reason why you can’t bank five figures with your promotion.

Everything is in place for you to do that.


Swipe: Day 1

Subject: This is Massive 1539 Sold!
I met a lady called Verena on the Warrior Forum the other day.
She and her team build sites for online businesses and affiliate marketers. In fact, they have been the most popular web design team on the Warrior Forum since 2010.
Yes, Verena builds high converting sites. That’s her “superpower”.
Not many know, however, that she makes a killing selling ugly t-shirts on the internet during her free time.
She showed me her proven steps on how she regularly rolls out lots of t-shirt designs that almost always sell.
I was totally blown away by her method! It’s just freaking smart marketing!
She’s been receiving payments like these in her PayPal accounts:

It makes her quite a lot of money as you can see in the screenshot.
Ain’t that fantastic?
Verena is not a t-shirt designer. She showed me her shirt designs and, to be honest, I find most of them are kinda “ugly”, so to speak.
Most of her designs are just text-based, while a few have small graphics added which she buys from Shutterstock.
That’s it.
If you’re interested to learn how to rake in lots of money selling t-shirts on the internet, I have something for you.
Keep an eye on your inbox. Tomorrow, I’ll have more on this for you.
You’ll get to learn how Verena made $19,089 selling “ugly” t-shirts on the internet – all during her free time.
I promise it will be completely worth your time.
Till then.


Swipe: Day 2

Subject: Case Study- How Verena Made $19,089 Selling Ugly T-Shirts On The Internet
Hi, [YOUR NAME HERE] again.
I sent you an email yesterday about making it big selling tees online.
Now, it’s here.
On this page, Verena shows you her step-by-step case study on how she made $19,089 selling ugly t-shirts on the internet…
It is not just a good business model – it’s GREAT business model.


Swipe: Day 3

Subject: She’s Been Making Amounts Like This for Months Now
It’s [YOUR NAME HERE] again.
Verena has been receiving payments like these from Teespring for months now:

Yesterday, I sent you a link to a page where she reveals a simple strategy that you can start using to build a successful t-shirt business online.
Here is the link again: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]
As you will soon see, you only need two things to run a profitable t-shirt business.
First, you need a t-shirt design that will resonate with your target audience.
(You don’t need to be a designer to do this. She will show you where to outsource t-shirt designs CHEAP).
Second, you need to reach out to your targeted audience using Facebook ads and then sell t-shirts to them.
That’s all there is to it.
Check out her entire strategy here: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]


7 USPs of This Product That You Can Use

Finally, if you want to create your own presell, here are 7 USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of this product that you can use:

1. This Teespring course does not pitch million dollar t-shirt sales

The course was created by a regular lady for the regular guys (and gals).
Verena shows you the very first shirt that made her first $4000+ on Teespring and the steps she took to achieve it.
She has now made $19,000+ with a proven system that she has perfected over time.
It’s very achievable for both newbies and experienced marketers.


2. Video income proof

… unlike other million dollar income screenshot pitches which are unverified.
This one is real.


3. This course shows you how to do it as a one-person warrior

Verena shows how she does it all by herself; all during her free time while running her busy web design business.
No employee or worker, no outsourcer, just herself, a one-person warrior.


4. A ton of actionable content upfront on sales page

Verena gives away a ton of actionable content upfront on her sales page
She shows you the steps that she took to make $19,089 selling t-shirts on Teespring.
You get tons of value even before you buy.


5. Verena is not a t-shirt designer

Most of her designs are kinda “ugly”, so to speak.
Most of her designs are just text-based, while a few have small graphics added which she buys from Shutterstock.
You don’t need to be a designer to do this stuff.


6. The course is only $39

It’s very affordable.
If you pay a little extra more than $39, you’ll be able to access the lessons + t-shirt niche reports.
In these reports, you will get access to the exact profitable Teespring campaigns for huge, no-brainer, copy and paste profits.


7. It’s only $6 for each niche report

Depending on the niches, Verena will be revealing to you 7-10 profitable campaigns in each report.
Let’s take 8 campaigns as an average.
You will only invest less than $0.8 to access each campaign.
Each of these campaigns netted their sellers up to $12-$15K (yes, net profit, which means after deducting FB ad spend).
Invest $0.8 to get access to the exact solidly profitable Teespring campaigns for huge, no-brainer, copy-paste profits for you.
If this is not a crazy, insane bargain for you,
I don’t know what it is.


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