Here is How to Start a T-Shirt Business (1000X Faster)

Today, I’m going to talk about leverage…

If you know how to leverage, you’ll be 1000x more successful than those who follow the old ways of doing things.

When you already have a product or service to sell, you only need two things to run a profitable business.

You need:

#1. A scalable system for attracting new prospects, and convert those prospects into customers.

#2. Do it 1000 times faster than your competition.

And that’s it.

Get #1 right and you’ll be able to build a profitable business.

Get #2 right and you’ll dominate your market! …and be the king of your niche market.

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When I talk to entrepreneurs, they instinctively understand the need to attract prospects and convert them into clients and customers…

…but I find they go about it the hard way: without using leverage to achieve exponential growth.

And this is true for both new and experienced business owners.


I’ll explain with the following case study…

J Harlen Company is a family business that specializes in selling line construction clothing and equipment.

They offer specialty clothing, boots, and equipment for utility linemen in Raleigh, North Carolina

start a t-shirt business


They also sell linemen t-shirts on their site.

We don’t know how many shirts they’ve sold as they don’t reveal any numbers on their site like Teespring does for each campaign.

But we can guess fairly accurately by looking at some of the “hints” on their popular shirts.

start a t-shirt business


This is one of the most popular shirt of their many inventory.

It has the most reviews among all shirts that are available on their site.

As I’m writing this, there are 9 reviews listed on the page.

Based on Amazon sellers experience across different product ranges, when a product is launched for sale, the customer comments are usually slow to start…

When they do start coming in, around 18% of buyers will post a comment.

Then, they begin to decline and eventually settle in around 8-10% of buyers.

The 10% rule is a good benchmark to use.

This design has been available since 2016, so it’s been available long enough for the percentage to settle down.

Now 9 reviews will translate into around 90 total sales.

If visit the page, click on the shirt image to enlarge it and you’ll see the design is very, very good.

start a t-shirt business

The industry rate for similar quality t-shirt illustrations runs between $1500-$1800 if you outsource to illustrators in Mexico and the South East Asia countries.

It’s a lot higher when you pay someone in the US or Australia to do it.

The expense is too high for most people to invest in these designs.

Add to that the cost of a screen printer’s minimum run.

What if you want to roll out 5-10 designs at one time? That’s a lot of investment and still doesn’t seem to see a lot of sales… 90 shirts since 2016.

That’s doing business the hard way. …Without leverage… not very smart.


Here is a different t-shirt campaign on Teespring, launched 2 years ago: I’m a lineman

This campaign netted approximately $3,500

The Math:

500 shirts sold x $14 approximate Teespring payout= $7,000 gross revenue.

After deducting Facebook advertising costs, a marketer generally nets around 50% of gross revenue.

That leaves the seller with a net profit of approximately $3500

One design, one campaign, made $3500.

The campaign generates $3500 profits in 1-2 weeks (depending on how long the campaign runs).

Doing it the old ways: Sold 90 shirts since 2016.

Leverage Teespring + Facebook: Sold 500 shirts in 1-2 weeks.

Think about it.

Leveraging Teespring’s t-shirt fulfillment service with Facebook’s advertising platform makes a huge difference in your bottom line and the time it takes to roll in a business-building profit.


How to buy ads from Facebook

On my page here I’ve shown you how to buy ads from Facebook.

To recap:


Start a Teespring campaign up (it’s free).

If you’re creating a text-based design like linemen shirt in the $3500 example, design cost is zero: you can type the text into the Teespring interface for free.


Put up a Facebook page, add the posts as I showed you, advertise your Teespring shirts on your page (it’s free).


Buy Facebook Page-Post-Engagement ads (you can start with $50-$60)


Let your ads run for 24 hours. Kill the losers, scale the winners. All Positive ROI from here…

You really don’t NEED a mortgage sized bankroll to be in the game.

With each ad campaign, you start with financial baby steps.

Then scaling up bit by bit as the deck becomes stacked more and more in our favor.

It’s low risk marketing.


What’s the profit potential for this business? (Working part time example)

You have a day job and other family responsibility and can’t roll out multiple campaigns each day like a full-time t-shirt marketer.

Let’s do some math, assuming you’re doing this part time, weekends only.

You’ll launch 4 campaigns, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

That’s 16 campaigns in a month.

Say out of the 16 campaigns, 30% made it, giving you 4.8 successful campaigns.

Nearly all of my successful campaigns exceed 300 shirt sold. The case study here I’ve shown you exceeded 300 shirts.

Using 300 shirts for our calculations:

300 shirts x 4.8 campaigns x a $14 profit per shirt*.

That’s $20,160

*In each campaign, Teespring pays approximately $14 per shirt for sales exceeding 200 shirts.

After deducting Facebook advertising costs, we net around 50% of gross revenue.

That rounds out to a net profit of $10,000 per month.

Are you beginning to see the profit potential from tending to your t-shirt business part time?


It’s not impossible to net $10,000 with just 1-2 campaigns

You can make more when you hit a very responsive crowd in a large audience group.

It’s not impossible to net 10K with just 1 or 2 campaigns.

When a successful campaign ends, we can relaunch it right away.

You can relaunch successful campaigns until you saturate the market with that one design.

If you’re marketing to a large audience, one design can last you months or even years.

Nail a design, keep making money from it for a long, long time.

How cool is that?

I hope you enjoyed the information I’ve shared.

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