How to Sell T-Shirts on Facebook – Bet You Never Thought About It

Want to learn how to sell t-shirts?

Let me share with you one of my best kept t-shirt marketing secret weapons – the “ask technique”.

While others are struggling to sell a few shirts on Facebook, this technique sends me lots of buyers waiting to buy my shirts even before I spend serious money paying for traffic.

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How to sell t-shirts: The “ask technique”

If you remember what I told you here, to run a profitable t-shirt business, you need to sell t-shirts designs with quotes on them that resonate with your target audience.

And, I showed you how to find those quotes on Pinterest.

The thing is, there are so many great quotes on Pinterest, how do you know which quote will resonate the most with your target audience?

Okay, here is a sample scenario…

Let’s just say you want to sell t-shirt to bikers, here is what you will see when you search for biker quotes on Pinterest:

how to sell t-shirts

A gazillion of quotes…

The good thing is: you have so many quotes you can put on your shirts…

The bad thing: too many options.

Which quote will sell the best?

When I walk into a new niche, here is what I do to find out which quote will sell the best before I spend serious money on ads…

On Facebook, I get my target audience to tell me what they want

Here is my process:


Go through Pinterest search results. Choose a couple quotes you feel would sell well on a tee. Head for Teespring and put the quotes on a couple of shirts.


Post images of your shirts on your Facebook fan page without Teespring links. Make sure that your shirts are clear and with a good background (make sure it stands out).


In your description, asks your fans if they want to wear the shirts.


For example: “Would you wear this shirt? Comment yes below!”


Now if you have a fan page, this should do very well for you. Even with the lowered organic reach these days… it still works. The combo of no link and lots of engagement helps the post spread.


If you don’t have a fan page, you can get one setup in 2 minutes, post your shirts and then run Page Post Engagement (PPE) ads to reach your target audience.

Paying for a $5 PPE ad will drive a good amount of engagement on a post with proper targeting. (I teach you how to run Facebook PPE ads here)


Do a few shirts, let your fans tell you you’ve got a winner.


Once you identify your winner, set up a new Facebook post with your Teespring link on it, spend $50 daily budget on Facebook ads, drive traffic to the post and see the money pouring in…

When you see engagement like this within 24 hours, you’ll know you are heading for a winning campaign:



62 comments with “yeses”.

The amount of engagement on this post is a strong indication it is going to sell like hot cakes.

Facebook is a two-way street for you to talk with your target audience… So, we don’t guess what will sell.

Let people tell us which shirts they want to wear and then sell it to them… just common sense, right?

I have made thousands in revenue from this technique alone and it works real well if you keep at it and know how to find your targeted audience on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed the information I’ve shared.

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