How to Sell T-Shirts on Teespring (With Zero Ad Spend)

I want to show you a technique I recently used to make me sales without spending a dime on ads.

Most Teespring sellers aren’t aware that in the Teespring admin area, you can go back to campaigns that have already ended and message those who have bought from you.

Teespring stores every customer’s email address for their sellers.

As t-shirt sellers, we can take advantage of this to reach out to our past customers to sell them more shirts.

Here is what I do to implement this technique…

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The “message” technique

For every campaign that I run, 3 days before the campaign ends, I send a message to my past customers to buy my latest shirt.

I write them a simple message telling them I am now running a new campaign, that the campaign is ending soon, and encourage them to grab the new shirt(s) before the campaign ends.

Nothing fancy, just a simple, straightforward message to get them to take a look at the shirt… usually just 2-3 lines of text.

how to sell t-shirts o teespring


Why 3 days before my campaign ends?

You want some sense of urgency to kick in as they see that the campaign is coming to a close.

Not everyone will check their emails immediately.

We message them 3 days before the campaign ends it could be 1-2 days later by the time they read the message.

That gives them the urgency to act immediately. Scarcity and the time-sensitive factor definitely increase conversions.

Messaging your past customers doesn’t cost any money; you have no ad cost to spend to reach them.

When the sales come in, it’s all pure profit

For instance, you have 3,000 past customers to send a message to and let’s say the conversion rate on them is 5% – that’s 150 shirts.

Let’s say each shirt makes you $14.70; that’s an extra $2,205 without spending a dime on advertising.

Cool, huhn?

I hope you enjoyed the information I’ve shared.

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