How to Sell T-Shirts on Facebook (And Make Your Shirts Go Viral…)

Want to learn how to sell t-shirts on Facebook?

Today, I’m going to hand you one more powerful t-shirt marketing technique.

This technique makes your shirts go viral on Facebook so you don’t have to pay a lot of money to buy ads while still selling a lot of shirts.

It’s what I called “tag your friend” technique…

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The “tag your friend” technique

I get people on Facebook to tag friends they feel might like my shirt.

When people see my ad on Facebook, if they think of any friend who may like it, they’ll tag that friend to take a look at my t-shirt.

Most people who use Facebook know what “tagging” does.

Just in case you didn’t know it, when a Facebook user tags a friend, the friend is notified of the special something to look at.

Every time I apply this technique, my shirt goes viral on Facebook.

Let me show you one of my Facebook posts in action to illustrate:


“Tag your friend” technique in action

Here is a shirt I sold on one of my fan pages.

The design targets female veterans.

In the description, if you pay attention, I start the first line of text saying: “**tag your friends who also love it”

how to sell t-shirts on facebook

When I launched this shirt, I paid $50 on day 1 to put it in front of female veterans on Facebook.

Within hours, female veterans were tagging their friends (mostly veterans too).

Veterans know veterans. And they talk to each other regularly on Facebook. By getting the first batch of veterans to spread the shirt for me, in short order the shirt was spread to more and more veterans…

We human being love to share interesting stuff we see on social media. It’s human nature… I even saw people tagging 5-6 of their friends in one post 😉

The result?

– 180 comments – people tagging their friends left, right, and center.

– 2000+ shares – people didn’t just tag their friends; they shared the shirt on their own Facebook timeline… that gave my shirt even more exposure.

The shirt went viral…


7 days later,

when the campaign ended, I made $1,356.80 with an ad spend of only $283.

Since I had a winner, I immediately relaunched the campaign the minute it ended.

how to sell t-shirts on facebook

If you want your shirts to go viral on Facebook…

In your ad, don’t just leave a Teespring link… get people to tag their friends as well.

I can’t repeat this enough: don’t just add your Teespring link to sell your shirt, add a call to action to get people to spread the word out for you

This is a powerful technique to get your shirt go viral on Facebook and make many times your ad spend.

I hope you enjoyed the information I’ve shared.

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